Tuesday, 05 April 2016 14:58

Reverend Vensen Ambeau Bio Featured

 Reverend Vensen Ambeau

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be one of God’s servants; but that goes to show that God is the real boss over our lives. Although I wasn’t running the streets or gang banging or getting in trouble with the law, it was the other things that I was doing that kept me farther away from God’s plans for my life.


It wasn’t strange for me to answer a question like “what is your favorite school activity?” with an answer like “posting on the walls of Miami Edison”, or even a question about my future plans and respond with something like “go to college and make a lot of money.” Never in my imagination did it occur to me that God had greater things in store for me. Although, we grew up in a home where I saw a praying man in my father and a woman committed to her church in my mother, for me, however, my first love was the world and all it had to offer. 


After completing high school, I attended the University of Florida and this is where the Lord began to reveal who He was. During the second semester of my freshmen year, at a morning worship service at Greater Bethel A.M.E., for the first time in my life I professed that Jesus was Lord and believed in my heart that He died for my sins. And the rest is history!!! Since then I have been running for the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind, never looking back and never wavering on my decision.


During my time at Florida I accepted my calling to proclaim God’s Word after hearing a sermon that called for those who were ready to walk bold and courageous in their calling like Joshua did. Since then I’ve lived by the saying “be strong and very courageous, don’t be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9). After completing my education at UF and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and a Minor in Communications, I pursued a Master of Divinity at Duke University. 


Since completing my M. Div. the Lord has blessed me to serve as pastor in some of the best churches in African Methodism and have placed me in congregations that have been supportive of my ministry and calling, the churches are Collins Chapel in Baldwin, FL (2007-2008), Allen Temple in Riviera Beach, FL (2010-2011), and Allen Chapel in Miami, FL (2011-present). My desire is to continue in ministry with commitment, faith, hope & love for I truly believe that the Lord is not through with me yet, and is preparing me for His purpose and will.


Most of all, I am blessed beyond measure as the Lord saw it fit to gift me one of His best daughters, Jasmine Ambeau, to be my wife and partner in ministry, to which we are the proud parents of our daughter, Jade Victoria Ambeau. Truly, the God that we serve is an incredible God who deserves incredible praise!!!